Tuesday, December 11, 2018

First Issue of DeBubble is OUT!

I'm excited to say that the first issue of DeBubble Magazine is out!

The idea is to have a magazine that helps out get out of the "bubble" we are probably in... With social media assigning us content that it perceive we will agree with (and click on), and with the ease that we have today to dismiss new information & ideas we may find boring and or annoying, it has become quite easy for us to find ourselves in a bubble of sorts... It's time to break that bubble!

So how does DeBubble help?

In a few ways:

  • It's designed to be printed. This way it sits around your dining room table (or office coffee table) and slowly entices you to read things that you would have normally dismissed.
  • It's designed to be boring. In a good way! Boring in the sense that it may have articles that are out of your bubble, and would not have been normally read.
  • It's designed to be collaborative. I really hope readers will send me links to Wikipedia articles they find interesting. While interesting to them, it may be boring to others, which is great!

So how can I download a copy?

So how can I get in the newsletter / contribute articles?

Inside the magazine which you just downloaded, there's an email address. Send me a message! :)