Become a Programmer

(In However Long it Takes You to Get Through this Thing...)

Yup, contrary to popular belief, programming is something just about anyone can pick up.  It's fun, challenging, and may even be useful.  So, if it's something that you may be interested in, go through my little tutorial and find out what programming is all about!

This tutorial is intended for people with absolutely no programming experience whatsoever!  All you need is motivation, time, and patience.  Having said that, if you get "stuck" on a problem, try giving it more time.  If you're still stuck, let me know, as I may have overlooked something important. I can be reached at blog at idocarmi dot com.

In 10 fun-filled lessons, your programming capabilities will gradually increase. Somewhere towards the end, you'll be able to make a small computer game, such as minesweeper.  In fact, that will be one of the projects that I will help you through!

  1. Intro to Programming
  2. Playing with Information
  3. Playing with Actions
  4. More Practice with Actions
  5. Playing with Functions
  6. Into the Realm of the Infinite
  7. It's All About Class
  8. More on Classes
  9. Real Programmers Pack
  10. Let's make a game! (Minesweeper, anybody?)
More advanced lessons that that may come...  (in no particular order)

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