Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let's Make Tahini

Tahini paste
Tahini sauce
Tahini sauce is one of those greatly underestimated things.  It's super-easy to make, healthy, and amazingly delicious (although I must admit that it may be somewhat of an acquired taste.)  It's great as a spread on toast, as a salad dressing, and of course, it goes amazing well with hummus! So, how does one make this mysterious tahini?  Well, the journey starts at buying some, well, how shall I put this?  Tahini? :)  I'm not kidding, to make tahini sauce, one needs to buy tahini paste, which is basically 100% pure sesame seeds, mushed together into a fairly thick paste.  Don't ask me where you can buy this, but I'm sure if you look around a bit, you will find it.  The good news about tahini paste is that it doesn't require refrigeration, and keeps for who-knows how long.  So it's easy to always have around.

Once you have the paste, making the sauce is easy!  All you need is:
Good stuff

  • some water
  • lemon
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • a tad of salt.

Take some tahini paste, put it in a little bowl that you can mix it with stuff.  Make as much or as little as you want, keeping in mind that the tahini sauce keeps in the refrigerator for about a week.  Gradually add some water, you will need about 50% as much water as paste.  You may need some more, you may need some less.  So I recommend adding the water gradually.  When you add the water, you'll notice that the tahini paste changes color!  It actually becomes whiter!  Neat, huh?  You'll want to get it to have a consistency similar to cake batter.  That is, somewhat runny but not too watery.
Good consistency.
After that, add as much lemon as you like (and I like!), a dash of salt, a good amount of minced parsley, and of course some minced garlic.  You really can't put too much parsley in tahini sauce. As for the garlic, I like putting in one or two cloves for the amount you see pictured.  I also like putting in between half and a whole lemon.  Tada!! You have now made awesome tahini sauce!


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