Sunday, January 20, 2013

The god of luck (and who should I vote for)

Ok, so the elections are tomorrow and you want to know who to vote for, right?

But one thing you already know, is that you don't want SHAS or some other theocrat.

But how to choose???

Easy! Just ask the GOD OF LUCK!

What are your options:

Yesh Atid
Likud (if you must)
Aleh Yarok (risky because they may not pass the bar, but you seem to be brave)
Or (very risky because most likely they won't pass the bar, but you seem to be very brave)

-- Good luck!
P.S. For the GEEKS out there: 

GIVEN: a linked-list (or an iterator, if you like) containing anywhere between 1 and an UNLIMITED amount of items (and you don't know how many off hand).  

THE GOAL: choose one item from the list randomly (each having an equal chance of being picked)

CONSTRAINT: you need to do it as fast as possible! (meaning, O(N), loser).

YOU SAY: "But kind sir, this is impossible!" 

I SAY:  "Nothing is impossible but impossible itself!  Look at the Javascript in this post as PROOF"

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